When to Use an ATV Versus an UTV

Choosing the best off-roading vehicle for your needs.

While it comes to off-roading, the conditions and your specific needs determine whether you should use an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or a UTV (utility vehicle).  Curious to see which vehicle you need to use when?  Then here are some tips for choosing the best off-roading vehicle for your needs. 

Use an ATV for:

  • Nimbleness– ATVs are better suited to quick turns than UTVs.  Because they are smaller, ATVs are easier to manhandle around and make more sudden maneuvers.  This means that they are better for operating in tight woods.
  • Racing– ATVs can come in many different forms, including sport models that are smaller, lighter, and designed for racing.  However, even standard ATVs are better suited for racing as compared to their heavier, bulkier UTV counterparts.
  • Budget-Friendly Riding– Finally, ATVs are better suited for sportsmen on a budget.  This is because ATVs are typically several thousands of dollars cheaper than UTVs.  Even if you get an ATV with special upgrades like power steering, four-wheel independent suspension, electronic fuel injection, as so on, these upgrades are way cheaper on an ATV than a UTV.

Use a UTV for:

  • Heavy Hauling– UTVs offer more storage space than ATVs.  This means that UTVs can haul far more than ATVs before having to attach a trailer. 
  • Comfort– UTVs offer better seating than ATVs.  UTVs have truck-like cabs and seats that offer support and allow passengers to sit upright.  This makes UTVs a much more comfortable ride if you are traveling long distances or transporting older riders.

Use this information when choosing the best off-roading vehicle for your needs.  Interested in protecting your ATV or UTV?  Then make sure you have the right insurance in place.  For assistance with all your motorsports equipment insurance needs, contact the experts at Powersports Insurance Agency today.

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