Tips to Get Your RV Ready for Summer Travel

How to prep your RV for summer adventures.

With summer finally here, many RV owners are making plans to hit the road and explore new places.  However, before you can set off on your summer adventure, it’s important to make sure that your RV is ready for everything that may come its way.  While having the right RV insurance is absolutely essential, there are other steps that you should take to prep your RV.  Here are some of the things that you should do to get your RV ready for summer travels.

Under-the-Hood Maintenance for Motorhomes

  • Pop open your RV’s hood and check that wires, cables, and fluid levels are all looking good. If you notice something out of the ordinary or are not sure what to look for, then have your RV inspected by a professional before your trip.
  • If your RV has sat idle for over a month, then examine the areas around the engine to ensure that rodents or other animals have not built nests under the hood.
  • Inspect your RV’s filters and make sure your water system has been flushed and cleaned to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

External Maintenance

  • Thoroughly clean and inspect the exterior of the RV for signs of damage.
  • Check your RV’s tires to ensure that they are in good condition and at a safe pressure.
  • Insect doors and windows for damage and have these issues repaired. This will reduce the chances of water damage, vandalism, and break-in.
  • Examine your propane and other systems for possible leaks.

Internal Maintenance

  • Check your safety equipment to ensure that you are well-stocked. For instance, inspect your road hazard kit, first aid kit, and emergency supplies to ensure that your provisions are up-to-date and tailored to fit your planned trip.
  • Examine the inside of your RV for things like mold, mildew, or rodent damage and have these issues repaired.
  • Thoroughly clean the inside of your RV for a more pleasant traveling experience.

These are some of the steps that you should take to get your RV ready for summer travels.  Remember, having the right RV insurance is another important part of prepping your RV for a trip.  For assistance with all your motorsports equipment insurance needs, contact us at Powersports Insurance Agency today.

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