Tips for Safely Driving Your RV in the Rain

Try out these RV driving safety tips for the rain.

If you are planning on taking your RV camping this spring, then you will likely encounter different weather conditions while on the road.  For instance, you could be hit with a sudden spring shower.  If you get caught in the rain, it’s important that you stay calm and drive carefully to stay safe.  Try out these RV driving safety tips for the rain.

1) Slow Down

The first thing that you should do when it starts to rain is reduce your speed.  When it rains after a prolonged period of dryness, the rain mixes with the oil and dust on the road and creates slick driving conditions.  By reducing your speed, you allow your tire to make more contact with the road and get a better grip.  This reduces the chances of skidding and losing control of your RV.

2) Switch on Your Lights

You also need to switch on your lights when it starts to rain.  This is because dark clouds and rain reduce the visibility of everyone on the road.  Having your lights on will help you see better and help other drivers see you as well.  Just make sure that you do not use your high beams in rainy conditions as the bright light will reflect off raindrops and make it more difficult to see.

3) Use Your Wiper Blades

Obviously, you should switch on your windshield wipers so that you can see when it rains.  However, taking this step won’t do anything if your wiper blades are old, worn, or damaged.  To ensure that your wiper blades are ready for rain, make sure that you inspect them carefully before your trip.  Wiper blades should be replaced twice a year or once every 6,000 miles you travel in your RV.

Try out these RV driving safety tips for the rain.  Want another way to keep your RV safe no matter what road conditions you encounter?  If so, then contact the experts at Powersports Insurance Agency for assistance with all your motorsports equipment insurance needs today.

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