Send It-The Safety App That Turned One Family’s Tragedy into a Community Resource

Learn about Send It, the real-time safety app for mapping hazards and helping locate someone injured in an accident.

In December of 2016, the Ross family tragically lost their son Henry D. Ross III, age 24 to a snowmobiling accident.  While Henry was an experienced snowmobiler who was very familiar with the area, he lost his life when he collided with an unexpected, unmarked pile of rocks.

In reaction to his death, the Ross family set up the Henry D. Ross III Memorial Fund in order to finance the creation of an app that would allow snowmobilers, ATV riders, and boaters to mark emerging hazards and changing conditions on trails and lakes.  This February, the Ross family and the community realized their goal with the launch of the Henry D. Ross III Send It app.

Send It is a recreational, GPS-based app that allows users to mark hazards, such as ice, debris, ice heaves, and closed trails.  Once a potential danger is marked, the app-users in the area will receive an alert of the hazardous conditions at least 500 ft. before they encounter them.  Because the app is based on the user’s location, the app can also be used by law enforcement and emergency services to quickly locate a user in the event of an emergency situation.

While designed with snowmobiling in mind, the Ross family explains that Send It has practical uses for sportsmen and women all year long.  In Spring, the trails around the Great Sacandaga Lake become prime destinations for ATV riders and the Lake itself draws boaters from all over the northeast.  Send It can be used by these individuals to mark low water levels, fallen trees, loose docks, and other perils.

Because most snowmobiling and other outdoor sport accidents occur due to speeding and unfamiliar conditions, the Ross family and the community are confident that their app will help keep users safe.   Because hazards are marked and users are alerted in real-time, Send It ensures that no one is caught off-guard and put at risk by an unexpected hazard.

While the loss of a beloved son and friend haunts the Ross family and the local community, they are proud of their innovative safety solution.  According to Henry’s mother, Maria Ross, “This community built this app.  It wasn’t just us.  It was an entire community that chose to turn a tragedy into something good.  I’m heart-warmed and ecstatic.”

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